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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Say NO to Boredom! (:

In the name of the Creator.

Status : Boring. Don't know what to do.
Status : I'm bored. Someone, please help me!

Yes, above are examples of some of the status that we might
stumble upon when we log in into our Facebook or Twitter account.

Sometimes we feel bored in doing what we are doing.
Sometimes we feel bored until we don't want to do anything.

Below, I found an interesting article about dealing with boredom and
I would like to share it with you. This article was taken from Let's check it out together.

Dealing with Boredom
M. Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Board to Death?




I know you may not even be interested in reading this article because
you feel really bored but know that spending a few minutes reading
it can help you understand this feeling of boredom and can enable you
to prevent it in the future.

If you are bored to the extent that you can't read it now then just
bookmark it and read it later. 

Boredom is like all other emotions, it's a signal sent to you by your
subconscious mind in order to motivate you to take a certain action.
People usually misinterpret the signal and they think that they should
do something new in order to feel good but few days later they discover
that they feel bored once again.

What is Boredom?




I still remember how bored I used to feel years ago at the accounting
class. I thought that accounting was the most boring subject ever. Few
years later, when I lost a considerable amount of money in the stock
market I found myself extremely excited whenever I read about

It's the same topic, the same person but the feelings were totally
different. Every thing was the same except that boredom vanished!!

So is accounting really boring or is it interesting? Actually its neither
boring nor interesting but when I used to study it at the class my
subconscious mind found that its not important for me and so it made
me feel bored in order to motivate me to leave the class!!

When I got involved in the stock market my subconscious mind
discovered that accounting is important to me now because it can
help me make some money and that's why it prevented me from
feeling bored again while studying it.

The Anatomy of Boredom

Boredom is nothing but a message send by your subconscious
mind telling you that this thing you are doing now may not be
important to you while the state of being interested is nothing
more than a message telling you that this thing you are doing
might be of importance to you one day.

How to Stop feeling Bored? 




If you want to stop feeling bored then you should do anything
but online games or watching the television. These things will just
help you escape your feelings of boredom for few moments or
few hours and later the feelings of boredom will invade your mind again.

It's your life style that should be changed and not anything else. 
Do you know why do you feel bored often? Because you rarely 
find something interesting. And do you know why you lack interest?

Because you have no major goals to go after!! The more goals 
you have the more tools you will need to accomplish them and 
the more you will find these tools around you and so you will 
hardly feel bored.

Boredom comes within and not from your surroundings and 
that's why the only effective way to deal with boredom is to 
change yourself.

Changing your surroundings is only a temporary fix but sooner 
or later boredom will return back again and I am sure you have 
experienced this before. Doing something new or playing an online 
game is not the solution for boredom but only responding to the 
signal can help you get rid of your boredom.

After reading the whole article, I found that this is a really good article.
Here, I would like to summarize the article for you based on my

I do agree with the writer saying that boredom is like other emotions.
We can't see boredom, but we can feel and we express it through our

The writer also said that we usually misinterpret the signal of boredom
sent to our mind. We usually assume that when we are boring doing
something, we need to do something else. The truth is the boredom
will not go away until we change our perspective that the things that
we are doing are important to us.


The only solution to get rid of the boredom is by having major goals
to be achieved. During fulfilling these goals, we will be interested in
whatever we are doing and we will not feel bored.

The write conclude in the end that changing everything around us
will not an effective way in dealing with boredom. We have to
change ourselves first in order to be freed from boredom.

So, what do you think?
Tell your mind that what you're doing is important, then you'll
never be bored anymore.
Say NO to boredom! (:

Friday, February 15, 2013

Welcome to New Semester.

In the name of The Creator.

Hi guys.

I don't have the mood to write
since I'm enjoying my holiday 
with my family.

18th January 2013
My friends and I will be in our 6th semester.

I'm thankful for the result that I obtain.
I really have to work hard on Arabic Language subjects.

New semester,
new home,
new motorcycle.

Wish me luck.

P.S: Really not in the mood to write.
Sorry guys.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

STAM Result

In the name of The Creator.

Peace be upon you. 

Hi everyone!
I'm sorry, my broadband has reached its limit,
so I'm having difficulties to log in to Blogger.

I hope all of you are in pink of health.
Pink of health?
Do you know what it's mean?

Yes, it's an idiom.
It means healthy and well.

Ok, now back to the topic.
Yesterday my family and I went 
to my former school,
Maahad Ahmadi Gemencheh.

Looking at the buildings,
at the students and teachers there
really make me miss the environment.

It also makes me remember 
all the sweet memories
when I was studying there.

Do you want to know 
why we went to that school?
We went there to see my brother, Firdaus'
Sijil Tinggi Agama Malaysia 
(STAM) result.

We wait for a long time.

Finally, my brother get his result.

Praise be to Allah,
my brother obtained 7 Mumtaz (A+)
and 3 Jayyid Jiddan (A-)

he got Mumtaz.

May Allah ease your dream
to persue (continue) your study at Egypt.
Amin. (:

Till then.